At the beginning of this week I was starting to think this post might never get made … my computer went very badly wrong, with the sermon audio only partly processed.  I’m sure the sermon was nothing to do with it though!  Anyway, one week in a repair shop and it seems to be good as new, so I’ve finished the job, and now here it is for you to download and listen.

Marie spoke for the first of our Advent services this year and she introduced our next series, which is a study on the role of angels in the Christmas story, with a general look at what the Bible does (and does not) say about angels – who and what they are, and what they do.  So here goes – click the link and listen in.

Sermon 301109 (6.7MB mp3 file)

…. and, as if on cue, the Christmas CD playing on our stereo is singing about peace on Earth, and goodwill.  We’re definitely getting in the mood for Christmas now!

I’m back on track now, so the next entry here will be tomorrow’s sermon, hopefully uploaded before the end of the same day …

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