On your bike!

We had some exciting news this week.

Over the summer and autumn we have been arranging to buy a number of bikes to send to Ameva Farm in Zimbabwe, which as well as being a working farm, also provides a medical clinic, primary and secondary education and a Bible School.  They have a need for rugged bicycles to allow nurses and midwives to do their rounds and also to allow school teachers to travel in to work.

Our news was that the cycle shop where we bought the bikes has completed assembling and testing the bikes and has now delivered them to Rora House in Devon, where they have joined a mounting pile of goods that is due to be shipped to East Africa just as soon as the details of the shipping container are finalised.  We supplied 10 bikes, plus an assortment of spares and puncture repair kit.

The Africa Bike, by Kona

Thank you to everyone who lent a hand with this project, and especially praise God for giving us the vision and guiding us through to see it completed.  Now we need to keep praying for the wider goal of getting the container, and all the goods it contains, to Ameva Farm as soon as possible.  There’s still a lot to do, especially in procuring farm and vehicle spares.

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