Spring cleaning in the summer

It’s time to spruce things up around here … especially as there have been so few blog entries on this site of late.

What can I say? Trying to record sermon audios on a 10-year-old camcorder, whilst simultaneously delivering the sermon and trying not to shuffle around the lectern too much … well, it was always bound to end in tears.

One of these days I’ll get my hands on a dinky little mp3 recorder.  Until then, I’ll try my best to sum up our Sunday mornings in text rather than audio.  I hope you don’t mind being a reader rather than a listener for a while.

So, this afternoon’s business has been all about freshening up this site, and learning a lot about web publishing in the process.  All the while, I’ve been watching the front drive and trying to attract B&B guests (another story entirely) and trying not to get involved in the  frantic search for clean bed sheets.

How any of this might eventually be used as a sermon illustration, I have no idea.  But check back in a few months, you never know.

In the meantime, I hope you’re finding our new-look site a little easier on the eyes.  Over the next few days it should have some more new pages too.

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