Discipleship and the Great Commission

6th September – 18th October: Personal testimonies – No sermons

Discipleship ties – 25th October [Listen]

All age service – 1st November – No sermon

Speaking truth to power – Acts 1: 8 – 8th November [Listen]

Looking beyond the horizon -Acts 1:8 – 15th November [Listen]

For God so loved the world … (John 3:16); Acts 1: 8 & 17: 16-34 -22nd November [Listen]

Talk by George Hazel – Sannox Christian Centre – 29th November – No sermon

All age service – 6th December- No sermon

“Get out there and do it to them before they do it to us” -  13th December [Listen]

All age Advent service organised by the Senior Sunday School – 20th December – No sermon

Testimony – 27th December – No sermon

Connectedness – 3rd January -  WebLink – Christmas Story Timeline @ Bible Gateway [Listen]

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