Living life unedited 2

16th February – Keep it simple – Focus – 1 Corinthians 2: 1-12 [Listen]

23rd February – Keep it together – Discussion sermon (Group discussions/responses edited out): Focus – Matthew 11: 27-30- Questions covered: 1.What do you think discipleship is? 2. Who are the people that are in your boat/who have invested in you?  3. What is discipling other people looking like for you at the moment? 4. What are the ways you could be growing as a Christian? [Listen]

1st March – All-age service – No sermon

8th March – Focus on Jesus and be transformed – Focus Matthew 17: 1-9 & 16: 13-18 [Listen]

15th March – Prayers centred on the Coronavirus pandemic – Sermon cancelled

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