Children and Young People

During the first half of our Sunday morning service we encourage children to be part of our worship.  We have a very large box of percussion instruments which are shaken, banged and rattled with great enthusiasm each week!  There is a quiet corner at the back of the room with a play mat and toys suitable for babies and toddlers.  We prefer to keep it in the meeting room so mums, dads and carers can still be part of our worship.

Children can leave the main meeting each Sunday morning and join our Sunday School, which starts at about 11.15am just before the sermon gets under way.  Every week is different, but there are always games, singing, dancing, stories, arts and crafts.  Sunday School is suitable for all children from pre-schoolers upwards.

The first Sunday of each month is an all-age service.  This basically means Sunday School takes over and the grown-ups get to join in the fun and games that normally go on upstairs.

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